USA Style Roulette

The roulette tables used in American-style roulette are the largest in modern versions of the game. There is only a single extra pocket (for the number 00), but that can make quite a difference. That single pocket almost doubles the house edge, making the American version one that most experienced roulette players try to avoid.

The Rules

The American-style roulette game operates on the same rules as most other versions. Players still place their bets on a colour, a number, or a range of numbers and hope their bid wins.

After bets are placed, the roulette wheel is spun and all players must wait until it stops spinning to see the results. As the wheel spins, the ball moves around the table and finally ends up in one of the 38 pockets. In online versions of the game, the movement of the table is digitized and randomized, and the ball usually operates on a simulated physics program. This allows for an imitation of actual roulette, but the results may vary from the real world game.

The Bets

The kinds of bets available remain the same no matter which table you are playing at. The bets only vary from casino to casino. There are two types of bets players should be aware of. Those bets that have a high probability of working out in the player’s favour are outside bets. Bets that offer a better payout but worse odds for the player are inside bets.

Outside bets consist of betting on a colour (nearly 50% odds), an even or odd number (also nearly 50%), or a range of numbers. The range could include almost half or a third of the table. Outside bets are always the safest ones to make.

Inside bets include bets that are for specific numbers or for a small cluster of numbers (never greater than four). These bets always offer the best payouts, but the odds are stacked against the player. It is very risky to try outside bets, and they are usually only attempted by people who have been playing the game for a while.

The Odds

What really sets the American version apart from its European counterparts are the odds the player has of winning. The extra pocket decreases the chance of winning for any inside or outside bet. The zeros, both 0 and 00, are green and do not count in any bet except those specifically for those numbers. So unless the player bets on a zero, they lose their bet if the ball ends up in a zero pocket.

This means that the house edge is always slightly higher in the American version. The only positive that comes from playing at such a table is that there can sometimes, but not always, be a slightly better payout. For those who do want to try their hand at American tables, they always take note of the payout given and compare it to the risk of playing at this sort of table.

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