The Oscar Grind Betting System

The Oscar Grind betting system is one that is easy enough to put into practice, but it takes some discipline to pull it off effectively. It is actually one of the least risky betting systems being used, but of course every betting system requires some luck to actually make it successful. Few other systems are regarded as safe to use as the Oscar Grind system, and that mostly comes down to how much discipline is required when the player makes bets after both winning and losing.

The End Goal of the System

While the system was initially used by a craps player named Oscar, the system also works in other games. The goal is to stay a single betting unit ahead of the initial amount that was staked. By using a series of small wins, the player could theoretically use the system to make a profit.

When to Implement the System

The stem works with either winning or losing streaks. That means it is ideal for games that rely almost entirely on chance. The inherent flaw in this system is how unpredictable streaks will be. You can never tell when one is going to happen. That means you could need to implement a different betting system until you are on a winning or a losing streak. But with this system, your losses will be so small as to be inconsequential. Wins are also small, but when used successfully, you can always come out ahead in the long run. This system works for craps, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and other games of chance.

How It Works

If you are going to use the Oscar Grind system you have to set a wining limit ahead of time. This ensures that your losses are kept to a manageable level and that you don’t continue playing far beyond what is healthy for your bankroll. You also need to set a losing limit. That limit could be ten units, for example. So if you are betting units of $20, then you need to stop when you lose $200. Once you reach that mark, you should be placing no more bets.

With this system, you start by placing a small bet, perhaps at the minimum betting amount. If you lose, you keep the same bet. If you win, you increase your bet by a single unit. If you win the next bet, then you put down enough to ensure that your next winning bet gives you a small profit. You can continue to bet in small amounts in this manner until you hit your pre-set winning goal. Once that has been achieved, then you shod stop betting and walk away from the game.

Making It Work

If you are going to use the Oscar Grind method of betting, you need to have plenty of discipline. If you are the kind of person who tells yourself that you just need one more win or one more game, then this may not work for you. But if you know how to set your boundaries and stick to them, then you can really make it work for you.

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