The D’Alembert Betting System

One of the most used negative betting systems is the D’Alembert betting system. Before you learn how to use the system you will want to understand what a negative betting system entails. In this kind of system, you raise your bet when you lose a round and lower the bet when you win a round.

The Basic System

With the D’Alembert system, the player raises their bet by a single unit for each round they lose. The size of the unit is up to the player, but it cannot be any lower than the casino’s minimum bet. For the sake of this guide, we will use $10 as an example of the betting unit. If the player lost the first round, then would bet $20 on the following round when using the D’Alembert system.

Then each time the player manages to win a round, the bet is lowered by a single unit. That is, a bet of $20 after two losses decreases to $10 after a win. It continues to decrease until it reaches the original unit. You can use this system like insurance by setting aside any units you took off after a winning bet. Every time you win a round and decrease your bet, you can set aside the decrease and save it for when you need it.

To make the D’Alembert system work, players will need to start from a sizeable bankroll. Otherwise, losses may not be able to be fully recouped. If that happens, the player ends up with large losses and no chance to win it back. With this system, the player can achieve wins over time that offset the losses and turn profits in many cases.

The system at its core is about minimizing losses and going for small wins.

Contrary Betting System for D’Alembert

Now there are many betting systems that can work two ways. You can play them straight- the way they were intended- or use them in an opposite manner. The D’Alambert system is one that works well either way. When you play the system the opposite way, it is usually called the Contra D’Alembert system. To do this, you simply increase your bet for each win and decrease it for each loss. There is a downside to playing this way, as even a series of wins can be quickly nullified by a single loss. The system creates a series of many small losses and a few big wins. Once again, a large bankroll is required to make it work, and players need to be aware of the danger a single loss can bring them, even after they have won consecutive times.

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