The Parlay Betting System

This simple system can be used to make a profit at games of chance. You won’t have to use any complex math rules to understand and use the Parlay system either. The betting method is so easy that anyone can do it without having to memorize anything ahead of time or take notes as they practice.

Positive Progression

While the Parlay system is considered to be a positive progression system, it doesn’t really work the same way that most positive betting systems do. It is comparable to the Paroli system and requires that you increase your bet after each win.

The Idea behind the System

In the Parlay system, bets become increasingly higher as a winning streak continues. If you can keep your winning streak, you will create a pyramid effect that bolsters your profits exceedingly high. It is a betting system that can be used for all kinds of gambling and games of chance, and it has been used for a very long time in more than just betting. Banks use the same method to determine how interest is compounded on loans and investments.

Putting It into Practice

The Parlay system works on some very simple rules.

  1. You start by placing a bet.
  2. If you lose that bet, put down another bet of the same amount.
  3. If you win the bet, add another unit to the bet you just won. This works like investments, as you are putting what you earned before into what you are betting at the moment.

Now there is a large risk factor to this system. When you lose, you can lose all the profit earned during your winning streak. The initial losses accrued by making small starting bets on your losing streak can really add up, and you need to be aware of those.

But the chance for reward is very great. Since you are putting more and more into each bet, you could possibly win far more than you invested initially.

But the risk is decreased by the fact that you are investing your winnings into each bet. If you manage to lose after along winning streak, then you haven’t lost any of your initial investment. The only thing you lose is your winnings you made since you started playing. If you don’t want to lose even that amount, then there are some tips that may help you out.

Keeping Yourself on Top

While the basic betting system in place here calls for you to invest all of your winnings into each consecutive bet, some players like to hold onto some of that and only reinvest a portion of it.

This system really only works in casinos where even money bets are allowed. If you try to use the system with some other kinds of bet you could very easily lose all the money you brought to bet with.

You really only want to use this system for short-term play. Also, keep in mind that it is always best to quit while you have made a profit. Don’t try for increasingly large wins once you have earned some money. Just take what you have and cash out.

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